American Airlines Cancellation Policy | How to Cancel Flight


American Airlines is a major American Airline whose headquarter is present in Fort Worth, Texas. It is the world’s largest Airline. It operates approximately 5,00,000 people on daily basis. It operates both the Domestic and the International flights. If you are one of the customer and planning for the journey with American Airlines, we are assuring that you will never face any issue. But sometimes things happen which are not in our control and we have to put down our travel plans. In those situations you may not to warry abouthow to cancel American AirlinesFlight. The process of cancelling flights is not very much complicated for techy persons but it may be little bit costly.Go through the important points of American Airines Cancellation Policy.

American Airlines Cancellation Policy 24 hours

  • As per the norms of American Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy, anyone can cancels their flight within 24 hour from the time of booking will be charged no cancellation fee.
  • The amount will be refunded to the account within 7-10 business days and it is applicable for basic economy tickets.
  • After the compilation of the policy period, you will be charged the cancellation fee which depends upon the class and amount of the ticket.

Terms and Conditions of American Airlines Cancellation Policy

American Airline cancellation policy is quite easy and economic too. All the customers have 24 hours from the time of reserving seat to cancel their flight which will not cost any cancellation fee.

But if you wanted to cancel the flight after that particular time then you will be charged a cancellation fee.

  1. Basic Economy Ticket:- Basically, according to the norms of American Airlines you are not allowed to cancel the basic economy ticket but, if you wanted to cancel the ticket then should be cancelled with 24 hours from the time of booking and you can get the refund.
  2. Non- Refundable Ticket:- After the specified time passed and you wish to cancel your flight then you have to pay a cancellation fee depending upon the destination you choose to fly and once you cancelled the ticket the amount will be deducted from the total amount and the unused ticket will be credited and can be used for future flight.
  3. Refundable Ticket:- It is the best option as it is not a time bound ticket you can cancel your ticket whenever you wanted and will get the complete refund in the original mode of payment.
  4. Award Ticket:- As the award ticket, American Airlines have removed all the cancel and redeposit fees.

Following steps are given below to cancel the American Airlines tickets:-

  1. Log on to the website and enter your details.
  2. Choose the flight you want to be cancelled and click on “Cancel Booking”.
  3. A tab will appear on the screen asking for the confirmation click on “confirm cancel” and the ticket will be cancelled automatically once you click on this.
  4. An email will be sent to you with a refund code and your ticket number.


American Airlines Cancellation Policy- Covid

We were unaware of the pandemic- Corona Virus which spreads extremely and led us into the isolation and destroys most of our travelling plans. American Airlines cancellation policy Covid  has been launched by the company keeping the favor of the customers in mind. Here are some rules and conditions for the customers:

  1. They rejected the charge fees for all the current and new reservations.
  2. When you book the next time you will see different prices on the given ticket.
  3. This will ease you to change your destination.
  4. If you wanted to re-book the flight you have to do this before 31 December, 2021.
  5. You can also simple change the flights by making a call directly at the American Airlines.

American Airlines give a facility to restrain flights. If you are not able to fly then American Airlines allow you to restrain your flights for one year from the date of tickets reserved. You are not requested any fee for this.

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