British Airways Flight Change Policy- How to Change Flight Ticket


British Airways Flight Change Policy:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, travellers can see the various updates on British Airways Flight Change rules, and you all know very well, British airways always offer flexible guidelines & rules to their travellers. Just follow the entire post and you can easily be aware of the latest flight change policy of British airways, flight change fees, and ways to change date & time.

How British Airways Change Flight Policy Works?

As per the latest British Airways change flight policy if the travellers have booked their flight ticket before or after 03 March 2020 so those travellers can reschedule their flight without any extra charges. Get more information, just see the below-given points:

If the flight ticket has been booked before/ after 03 March 2020 that will be valid 20 April 2022 for rescheduling and follow certain points:

  • Travellers will change their dates by the online official website of British airways under the manage my booking section.
  • For date & destination change, BA will send a travel voucher within 7 days by email.
  • Travellers can use travel vouchers till 30 April 2023 and the voucher will give the equal value of your booking.


When do you reschedule your flight by travel voucher? 

Travelers will get any change in flight charges but, the difference amount of the flight will be applied for the traveller.


All Terms and Conditions of Flight Change of British Airways: 

  • For those travellers who booked their flight ticket before or after 03 March 2020 for the journey by 30 April 2022.
  • Under the above-given period, there are some terms & conditions that will apply to British airways. That is:
  • Travel vouchers will expire till 30 April 2023.
  • Travellers can directly book tickets from the British Airways website; helpline number & authorized reservation enter.
  • The BA change policy will not be applicable for the Sun Air tickets.


British Airways Change Flight Fee:

  • British Airways will not take any flight change charges if the travellers change their flight within 24 hours from the purchase and change their booking from online.
  • Apart from them, if the traveller changes their flight via helpline number or airport, he/she has to pay 25 to 35 US dollars per person as a change fee.


How To Change A British Airways Flight Date And Time

Travellers can change their flight, date, time & destination via an online website, helpline number.

If you connect over the call you can modify or add any traveller itineraries with help of a travel expert.

For online date & time changes just follow the below-presented steps.

If you want to know How to Change a British Airways Flight Date? So just follow the below-given instructions.


Steps to change British Airways flight date:

  • Firstly, open any desired web browser and visit the British Airways website.
  • Tap on the 'Manage My Booking' section.
  • Enter the 'Booking Number' as well as  'Last Name' of the traveller.
  • Press on the 'Find My Booking' button.
  • Choose your reservation and tap on the 'Cancel/Change' option.
  • Select a suitable date as well as flight.
  • Pay the difference amount. (If that is required there)
  • Besides, travellers can also learn How to Change a British Airways Flight Time? Using the above-presented steps.


British Airways Same-Day Change Fee:

  • Travellers will not get any change charges for domestic short-haul travel but, same-day international flight ticket holder's change fees will depend on the class, fare, or distance.
  • Passengers are allowed to change to a same-day flight till 1 hour before departure.
  • Travellers will not get any additional charges if they change their travel itineraries on the booked ticket.

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