Ethiopian Airlines Flight Cancellation and Refund Policy

Ethiopian Airlines is also known as Ethiopian which is the flag carrier of Ethiopia, the airline is wholly owned by the country’s government. The airline is a member of the International Air Transport Association and the airline is also a member of Star Alliance. The airline has its headquarters located in Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. If one wishes to fly with the airlines, then they need to get the reservation done.

Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy 

As we know that no one makes the plan to cancel the same however if the situation arises to cancel it one has to ensure that cancellation should happen at least 24 hours before the departure of the flight or you will not be able to get the refund amount for the same and it will also be taken as no show by the airline on the flight date and one will not be able to get the refund for the same.


Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy 

As per the policy one can cancel the flight online, one has to cancel the reservation with 24 hours of departure of the flight, in a case while making the reservation if you have booked a nonrefundable ticket then one will not get the cancellation option. The cancellation also depends on the type of ticket that you have purchased as certain restrictions like validity date extension, travel date changes, cancellation, and refund will also rely on the same.

One can also get the cancellation done through calling the reservation number and the expert will be available 24 by 7 and the cancelation can happen at the airport as well however one is required to inform in advance to avoid huge cancellation fees and at the same time one can also ask for the refund.


How to cancel Ethiopian Airlines Flight Tickets

To get the cancelation done one has to take the steps as below:-


  • At the very first point, one is required to go on the booking page and please hit on the Login button and one will be required to enter the correct email address and password
  • Now hit on manage booking and hit on flight option which is there in the list and presses next option
  • As per the requirement enter the flight name and number in the given field and hit on next and then one will be required to passenger’s field
  • You will be required to enter the details like name of the passenger, mobile number into the specific field
  • Please hit the cancellation option and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the cancellation
  • Once all the actions have been done, one will be required to enter the refund option


Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy  

You can get the cancellation done online however if you come across some concern or in other words error you will be required to go through the policy which will let you know how to cancel the flight ticket instantly and it will also depend on the type of the ticket you are holding which will let you cancel the ticket on the same day with proper date and time.


No Show Penalty 

If the reservation is done online however you are not able to complete the travel and you were also not able to cancel the reservation however one can get in touch with the Ethiopian Airlines phone number 24 by 7 and this will help you cancel the reservation


Ethiopian Airlines Refund Policy 

  • Refund on Ethiopian airlines ticket cancellation lets not forget refund depends on the type of ticket you have purchased and in case if one has got the reservation done through the third party like a travel agent, for more information you are advised to get in touch with the travel agent or at the nearest Ethiopian office

  • If one has purchased the ticket using the credit card for the refund one will be required to submit the request and the refund will process with 7 business days and the credit card will refund depending on their terms and conditions and if the ticket was purchased using cash, check or through other modes the airlines will issue within 10 business days.

  • One has to ensure that the details as name of the traveler, the address, the credit card number which was used for the purchase, ticket number, dates of travel, destination cities should all be mentioned.

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