Turkish Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy


Turkish Airlines Change and Cancellation Policy:

Every traveler wants to get the best possible refund for their canceled ticket but due to lack of the right knowledge, they face lots of difficulties during the cancellation as well as refund. Also, the traveler must know about the easiest way of cancellation. If you are holding Turkish Airlines flight ticket and due to any reason now you are planning to cancel your flight ticket so you have reached the right place because here you will get the latest and complete information about the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy, cancellation fee, refund policy, and much more information related to the cancellation.

Turkish Airlines offer flexible cancellation & refund rules to their travelers. If you want to know updated & accurate information about the cancellation charges & cancellation and refund rules so just follow the entire post.

Essential information about the Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • Travelers are only eligible to cancel their Turkish airline flight ticket from the official website or application of Turkish Airlines, customer service helpline number, and directly from the airport Turkish airlines reservation counter.
  • Travelers can directly cancel their booking from the Turkish airline's website under the manage my booking section.
  • Travelers are permitted to book another flight ticket with the same account after the cancellation of the booking.
  • Due to some emergency conditions like judicial orders, government orders, or other authorized orders travelers can cancel their booking but, they need to submit relevant documents then, they will be eligible for the refund.


Turkish Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

  • Travelers are permitted to cancel their booking up to 3 hours from the departure of the flight time. In case, any traveler wishes to save their cancellation charges then, he/she needs to cancel their flight ticket within 24 hours of flight ticket purchasing.
  • After 24 hours of the booking, travelers need to pay heavy cancellation charges and which will depend on the distance, duration, class, time, or other major factors.


Turkish Airlines Flight Canceled Due To Bad Climate

There are various circumstances where travelers will get the full refund amount without any cancellation charges. The situation can be bad weather, an airline industry strike, a technical issue, or other similar conditions, travellers will get a full refund amount without any deduction.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy for illness & death

According to the Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy, In case, any traveler is suffering serious illness or injury, they will get a full refund amount but, travelers need to submit related documents to the concerned authority as well as they need to submit a refund request.

How Much Does Turkish Airlines Charge as Cancellation Fee?

Turkish Airlines also introduces cancellation charges for domestic & international flights (Branded & Non-branded flights). But, the cancellation fee is not the same for every traveler and it will vary the distance, duration, class, or other factors. As per the Turkish airline's cancellation policy, travelers will get the fare charges for the cancellation. Just follow the below-mentioned table for non-branded and branded international flights.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation fee for international branded flights:

  • Economy - Eco Fly: Travellers are not permitted to cancel their flight but, taxes will refund.
  • Economy- Extra Fly: Travellers need to pay 60 US dollars.
  • PrimeFly: Travellers need to pay 140 US dollars
  • Economy Exceptional-EcoFly: Ticket cancellation, as well as the refund, is not allowed but, taxes will refund.
  • Economy Exceptional-ExtraFly: Ticket cancellation, as well as the refund, is not allowed but, taxes will refund.
  • Economy Exceptional-PrimeFly: Subject will matter for cancellation charges.
  • Business- BusinessFly:Travellers can only change their flight but, cancellation is not permitted.
  • Business- BusinessPrime: cancellation without any additional cancellation charges.
  • Business Exceptional - BusinessFly: travelers can only change their flight but, cancellation is not permitted.


How to get Refund from Turkish Airlines

  • All the refundable & non-refundable ticket holders are eligible for the refund but, cancellation of the flight ticket must be from the official website of Turkish airlines or directly from the airport.
  • The refund rules will apply after the booking cancellation and the travelers will get the refund amount within 7 to 10 working days.
  • In case, travelers cancel their booking through a travel agent then, the refund will transfer within 20 to 25 business days.
  • As per the Turkish Airlines Refund Policy, The refund amount will credit directly to the traveler’s bank account which was used for flight ticket booking.
  • For non-refundable ticket holders are also permitted for the refund but, the refund amount will credit to future travel points or reward points which will use for the next flight ticket booking.


Travelers can claim the refund amount in some situations given below

  • If your flight has been canceled and an alternate flight is suitable.
  • If your flight has been delayed more than 5 hours from the departure time.
  • Due to some emergency conditions like relative dies, Covid-19 situations, serious illness, or other similar situations.

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