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The first glimpse comes to our mind when we think about New York is enormous skyscrapers, the magnificent Statue of Liberty, bustling Manhattan, and many of the cafes and restaurants are all fun. But what makes this destination so remarkable is the variety of offbeat spaces. Dare to remember this and get to know the city better.

New York is one of the most visited places in the world. Big Apple collected by millions of people who come to explore the landmarks is good and can offer very much. However, the charm of the city adds attractions more. It is fun and exciting to find so many hidden gems in every corner of the city, away from the hustle and bustle.

6 Hidden Attractions in New York to Explore

  1. Wall of Fame Graffiti: - A variety of spray paint cans used by creative minds in the Hall of Fame Graffiti. The splendor of color and thought gives new meaning to art. This ever-changing canvas on display at the Jackie Robinson Educational Complex playground is truly a free-standing graffiti artist.
  2. Fort Tryon Park: - The best outdoor art in the city is at one of the highest points in Manhattan. This beautiful landmark is a rebuilt chapel in the middle of a garden full of colorful flowers and plants. The cloister, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum located at the top of the land north. Other attractions include the New Leaf Restaurant & Bar, Heather Gardens, and Billings Lawn.
  3. Greenacre Park: - A waterfall park in the middle of the city is crowded, unbelievable, isn't it? However, this green pocket garden contradicts all common beliefs. While the 25-foot waterfall is a key feature of the park, the variety of flowers provides a wonderful escape.
  4. Top Citizen Brigade Theater: - This theater was launched as one of the best places to enjoy comedy performances at a low price.
  5. Koreatown: - New York has an interesting cosmopolitan charm. While famous for its Little Italie and Chinatown, Koreatown is a little-known attraction where you can find all the Korean languages ​​- atmosphere, food, shops, and a spa.
  6. Hall of Fame for Great American: - This outdoor sculpture gallery has a 630-foot stone column and consists of 98 bronze gates including Alexander Graham Bell and Eli Whitney. Designed by architect Stanford White in a neoclassical style.

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