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Eva Air is a Taiwanese international airline and the word EVA stands for Evergreen Airlines. The airline is privately owned and it operates a fully international network. The airline is the second largest Taiwanese airline. As per the Skytrax, it is a five-star airline with its headquarter in Luzhu, Taoyuan City, Taiwan. If one travels frequently with the airline, then they can avail of the frequent flyer program by the name of Infinity MileageLands and one can get Eva Air reservations and booking done on the web or through the reservation number.

What is Eva Air Reservation Process

Flight reservation simply means get the confirmation of the seat and to book a flight ticket one can follow the given steps below. There are two different ways to make Eva Air reservations and passengers can opt any of the methods as per their convenience:

  1. Booking through Web
  1. Booking through the reservation phone number

It is not always required that we have to do the reservation through the web, one can simply relax and take the pleasure to call the agent directly for the reservation and the representative will take down the relevant details and will get the reservation process done while you will be on the call and he/she will give you the booking confirmation details at the same point in time.

Benefits of Eva Air Airlines Reservation

In order to take the privilege of courteous service, one can choose to fly with Eva airlines because of the following benefits: 

How to get cheap deals

One can consider the points mentioned below to get cheap flight deals

What is Eva Air Baggage Policy

In order to ensure that there is no problem while traveling it becomes imperative that we are aware of the policy to the core.

The traveler is allowed to carry 1 bag and on has to ensure that it should fit in the overhead bin or under the seat however along with the personal item one is allowed to carry overcoat, laptop, purse, and the bag should not exceed 115 cm and should not go beyond 7 kg

If one is traveling to/from the US and Canada and some countries in South and Central America are allowed to carry 2 bags and in dimension should not go beyond 62 linear inches or 157 cm and it should weigh up to 70lbs or 32 kg

If one is traveling to another destination other than mentioned above then the traveler can carry 2 bags however if one is flying through Premium Economy and Economy Class can carry up to 44 lbs. or 20kg, Business Class can carry luggage weighing up to 66lbs or 30kg and for the First Class passengers can carry luggage up to 88 lbs or 40kg and if one is looking for more information can get the same on the web page

Eva Air Check-in Policy

one can opt for any of the available options to check-in


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