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Saudia Airlines is one of the reputed and top-notch airlines. It headquartered based on Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and it covers 95 major destinations all over the globe. It offers the best class facilities at very affordable prices. For this reason, it is the first preference for business class and normal class passengers. But, sometimes, passengers face lots of difficulties with Saudia Airlines such as ticket booking issues and much more. So, here you will get accurate and complete information about Saudia Airlines' online and offline Reservations process.


Steps For Saudia Airlines Online Ticket Booking Process:

  1. Firstly, passengers need to go to the official website of “Saudia Airlines” or “Official App”.
  2. Tick on “One way” or “Return” booking tab.
  3. Select “From” source & “To” destinations spot from the list.
  4. Then, Select your “Journey Date” from the calendar.
  5. Select “Number of passengers”.
  6. After all, click the “Go” button.
  7. Select the category. (Economy, Business or First class)
  8. Now, enter the personal details of passengers. (Email Id, Phone number, Gender, Age, Name or other)
  9. Select the payment method. (Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking or Other)
  10. Make a booking payment through the selected payment method.
  11. You will get an E-ticket on registered email id.


Therefore, you will get an instant flight ticket through the above-mentioned steps. If you want to know about the Saudia Airlines online and offline Reservations process so you can see the above and next steps.


Steps For Offline Reservations Process:

Passengers can easily book the ticket through an offline process where they have to go travel agents or official reservation counter of Saudia Airlines. To get the offline reservations process, just see the below steps: -


  1. Locate or contact the travel agent counter and also you can visit the official Saudia Airlines official counter.
  2. Provide the name, source & destination, travel date & class information to the representative.
  3. Then, the travel agent or representative will provide you recommended flight according to your suitable time zone.
  4. Provide your credit card or debit card details when he asked.
  5. If you are booking through the telephone, so you will get a payment link for the flight booking.
  6. After all, they will give you a print ticket and your booking will be done.


Wants To Travel With Business Class?

 If you want to prefer luxury for your travel journey so Saudia Airlines offers an amazing business class booking opportunity for its passengers. In business class booking, passengers have to select a business class category on the duration of online booking and if they are booking through offline mode so they should provide information about the business class. Then, they can easily travel with business class.


Saudia Airlines Manage Booking System:

If you have booked your flight ticket and due to some issues, want some modification on your flight booking so it is possible in a very easy way. You have to just follow the Saudia Airlines Manage Booking system. To get more about it in detail, just see the below steps.


  1. Go to the official website of “Saudia Airlines”.
  2. Then, click on “Manage Booking” options.
  3. After then, “Enter your Booking reference number & Last Name”.
  4. Click on “Retrieve My Booking”.
  5. Here you can modify or upgrade your seat section.
  6. Passenger can book special or traditional meals.
  7. Also, they can add extra baggage allowances.
  8. If you need Wi-Fi facilities on the duration of travel so you can add that.
  9. After then, make payment for modification or manage.


That’s all, passengers can manage their booking through a very easy and hassle-free way via manage booking options.



What’s About Saudia Airlines Web Check-In Policy?

  1. In web check-in policy, passengers have to confirmed tickets.
  2. Passenger can check-in before 120 minutes for domestic flight and before 90 minutes for international travel from the scheduled departure of the flight.
  3. After then, they can collect boarding pass and can go for security check-in.


Saudia Airlines Baggage Policy:

Carry-on baggage:


Checked baggage and hold luggage policy details:

Thus, passengers can travel hassle-free, if they follow the Saudia Airlines Baggage Policy and if they have extra baggage so they have to pay extra charges for it and charges will depend on your baggage weight.


Saudia Airlines Cancellation Policy:

Due to some issues, passenger's plan has changed and they want to cancel booked tickets so they have to follow Saudia Airlines Cancellation Policy before canceling their booking. To get this policy, see the below steps:- 



How To Contact Saudia Airlines Customer Service Number?

If passengers want to know about How to contact Saudia Airlines Customer Service number so it is very to address. If you are facing any issue or problem so passengers can directly contact Saudia Airlines Customer Service number where passengers can keep any type of issues in front of technical professionals and they will get instant solutions in a very short way. The customer service number is available 24X7 and passengers can call anytime from all over the world.


For more information, related to Saudia Airlines like manage bookingbaggage policyonline flight reservationsdealsoffers, and discounts, call 24/7 toll-free number 📞 1(800)305–6427.


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