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Transavia – it is a Dutch low-cost airline and it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KLM and hence it is a part of Air -France KLM. The airlines have it headquarter at Haarlemmermeer, North-Holland, Netherlands. The airline provides services in 88 destinations. If you wish to fly with the airlines, then you can get the reservation either on the web or by calling the reservation team.

Transavia Reservation- 

If you want to go through the web reservation please take the steps as below : 

  • One has to be on the official page and select the country where are you from
  • Now you will be required to enter the details as destination details, date of the travel, number of passengers and click on search
  • On this page select the flight and can also see the price one will be required to pay and click on next
  • Please select you to want to fly with Basic, Plus, and Max and it will show all the details about the luggage seat, change a flight, change the name, flying blue miles, priority services
  • Now please enter the details of the passenger as Gender, first name, Last name, date of birth, email address, mobile phone number and then click on save
  • On this page, you will be asked if you need any medical help if not click on next
  • If you want, you can select the seat or click next
  • Please go through the general conditions select the tick box and click on next
  • Now you will be required to pay in order to get the reservation done

In case if you are not tech-savvy then you can take help from the customer care by calling them asking them to perform an action in order to get the reservation one will be required to share the details which will enable them to do the reservation on the traveler’s behalf.

Transavia Cancellation and Refund Policy –

As we do release that as quickly plans become reality they get canceled as well so yes you cancel the reservation through My Transavia in case you want to cancel for all flights and for each and every passenger and the cancellation will only be confirmed once the person who has booked the tickets will get the email.

In case if you have canceled some part of your booking which means either one of the flights or one of the travelers it can be done by filling the form online or by getting in touch with the customer care team.

Refund Policy - 

As per the policy, the airlines will not be reimbursing the cost of the tickets however in some odd cases one can look for getting the refund from the cancellation insurance

One can get the refund for the taxes paid and it can either be done on the web or by calling out the team however one will be required to pay the €10 as administration fee. One can claim a refund for the taxes paid by you up to 3 months after the departure date of the flight.

Manage Booking –

Once the reservation is done, in case if you feel one needs to view the status of the flight or wants to make some change it can be done through My Transavia one will be required to enter the details as

  • Booking number
  • Last name
  • Flight date

Once the details have been entered click on Log in and you be able to

  • Book hold luggage
  • Reserve a Seat
  • Change your flight
  • Book Special luggage
  • Request Medical Services
  • Change Passenger details

By taking the actions as above I can assure you that you can travel with more convenience.

Contact Transavia –

You don’t have to hesitate to reach out to the team for any kind of concern as the team is well equipped to answer any of the concern, you can reach the team before or after the reservation or even in the case of any clarification you are looking for in regards to the policy

One can reach the team by calling them or even by writing an email. The airlines firmly believe that any concern of the customer should be taken care of at the earliest.



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